Feminist Memory Project at Istanbul Biennial

Nepal Picture Library is honoured to share the Public Life of Women: A Feminist Memory Project at the 17th edition of the Istanbul Biennial. If you are in Istanbul, please visit us on the 4th floor of Pera Museum. Entry is free.

The 17th Istanbul Biennial is organised by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV) and runs from 17 September – 20 November 2022. It is the result of more than two years of conversations on projects situated in different parts of the globe. This edition is curated by Ute Meta Bauer, Amar Kanwar and David Teh.

“Rather than being a great tree, laden with sweet, ripe fruit, this biennial seeks to learn from the birds’ flight, from the once teeming seas, from the earth’s slow chemistry of renewal and nourishment. There may be no great gathering, no orchestrated coming together in one time and place; instead it might be a dispersal, an invisible fermentation. Its threads will be drawn together, but they will multiply and diverge, at different paces, crossing here and there but with no noisy culmination, no final knot. Let this biennial be compost. It may begin before it is to begin and continue well after it is over.”

Special thanks to Magnum Foundation, Bagri Foundation and Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV) the  for the support.

All photos: Shikhar Bhattarai