Get your photographs archived before they are destroyed!

Do you have old family photos sitting in boxes, dusty and moulding, close to destruction? Are you a professional photographer and have not had the time to archive your works properly? Does your organization have photo collections that need to be digitized and organized?

We can help!

The Nepal Picture Library can assess your collection/s and let you know if your works can be digitized, how long it will take and how much it will cost.

If you want to contribute your photographs to Nepal Picture Library, digitization and archiving facilities WILL NOT COST YOU a single rupee.

If you want to get your works digitized but not contribute to the Nepal Picture Library, we offer professional archiving services at highly subsidized prices.

Please send us an email with your information and we will schedule a meeting as soon as possible. There is not a day to loose!

If you wish to contribute your photographs to Nepal Picture Library, here are the terms and conditions;

  1. Nepal Picture Library will be responsible to collect and digitize (scan) negatives/slides/prints from the photographer/collector/ contributor using professional digitizing equipment available.
  2. The photographer/ collector/ contributor will submit caption/s and/or other supporting text for materials contributed to the archive. Text may be submitted in either English or Nepali Nepal Picture Library can assist in developing this text as and when necessary.
  3. Nepal Picture Library will not provide any monetary compensation for materials collected to the photographer/ collector/ contributor.
  4. Nepal Picture Library will not charge any service fee for collection, digitizing and text development to the photographer/ collector/ contributor.
  5. Nepal Picture Library will return all original copies of the material to the photographer/ collector/ contributor in its original state after digitization is completed along with high-resolution copies of all digitized materials for the personal use of the photographer/collector/ contributor.
  6. Nepal Picture Library will maintain high-resolution digital copies of the materials in the Nepal Picture Library archive (both online and offline) that will be made available to a public domain including researchers, museum curators, photography enthusiasts, historians, students and others.
  7. The photographer/collector/ contributor will retain copyrights to the digitized material.
  8. Nepal Picture Library will also own rights to use the material for archival, promotional, publication, exhibition and other purposes.
  9. Any and all use of the material should be jointly credited in the following format; name of photographer or collector or contributor / Nepal Picture Library archive.
  10. The photographer/collector/contributor and Nepal Picture Library agree that within the uses licensed in this agreement, Nepal Picture Library may use the material for the following purposes:
    • Publication as a book/journal
    • Publication in local and international media
    • Publication on the web, including the project website and web archive
    • Curation into an exhibition/s
    • Submission to festivals, photography awards, and other projects external to Nepal Picture Library
    • Sales to buyers (collectors, agencies, etc)
    • Networking with other archives/ libraries
  11. The photographer/collector/ contributor grants Nepal Picture Library the right to use the collected material for project promotion purposes at no cost.
  12. Should Nepal Picture Library publish a book with the collected materials, the photographer/collector/ contributor will be informed and a separate agreement will be entered into for stipulated use.
  13. Any sales of work at exhibitions (after all applicable commissions and taxes from galleries) shall be shared 50% photographer/ collector/ contributor and 50% Nepal Picture Library.
  14. Any sales to buyers (after all applicable commissions and taxes from galleries) will be shared 50% photographer/ collector/ contributor and 50% Nepal Picture Library.
  15. Nepal Picture Library may make reasonable alterations to the photographs adhering to international editorial standards and to the minimum extent necessary to fit editorial requirements (eg; technical adjustments in the course of output, minimal cropping to fit to page etc).