The 1990 People’s Movement as documented in “People Power”
A talk and presentation by Gopal Chitrakar

Gopal Chitrakar presents “People Power” a book he self published and dedicated “to those who have shed their lives in establishing democracy in Nepal.” In his unique historical account, Chitrakar presents the different stages of the 1990 People’s Movement, combining his photographs with interviews of pivotal actors who shaped the movement. In this talk, Chitrakar discusses the challenges of photographing the streets in 1990 and self-publishing the book “People Power”.

Gopal Chitrakar worked as a Photojournalist for Gorkhapatra daily for 30 years. He moved on to work as Photo Editor for Kantipur Publications for the next 6 years. Throughout his career, Chitrakar was shooting for Reuters in Nepal. He also taught Communications at Ratna Rajya Campus in Kathmandu. Chitrakar retired from Reuters 2 years ago and now spends his time painting and playing golf.