Feminist Memory Project – Call for Internship

Nepal Picture Library is looking for interns to assist The Feminist Memory Project, a four-month-long initiative during which we will be making collection drives to build a visual archive of Nepali women’s and feminist history. The interns will work closely with the research fellows, the NPL staff, as well as the team of Photo Kathmandu 2018. The interns will primarily support the researchers design the archival process, manage content and contacts, organize materials, and perform other tasks as assigned. Apart from work around The Feminist Project, the interns will also be expected to help with managing the NPL archive.

The Feminist Memory Project is our attempt to create a large repository of materials about Nepali women’s struggles and achievements. Through this project, we expect to broaden NPL’s goals of enabling more inclusive versions of Nepali history as well as generating critical conversations about visual culture.

The internship will offer:

  • experience working on the ground in Nepal;
  • exposure to archiving, curating, researching, and event organizing;
  • opportunity to develop networks in Kathmandu;
  • support and mentoring from the NPL team; and
  • potential work opportunities in the future at NPL and Photo Kathmandu.

Applicants should demonstrate:

  • interest in issues of gender, feminism, photography, archiving, and/or social research;
  • good written and oral communication skills;
  • proficiency in English, Nepali, and/or other Nepali languages;
  • Internet research skills;
  • good organizational skills; and
  • willingness to work within a team.

Hours and length of work are negotiable, but expected to be around 15-20 hours a week for a four-month period.

Intern positions are unpaid, however NPL offers a travel stipend of Nepali Rs. 5000 per month and lunch on work days at NPL.

Application deadline May 7th, 2018. To apply, please email your latest resume and a one-page cover letter to fmp@nepalpicturelibrary.org.