Call for Contributions – Freak Street Project and Nepal Picture Library are excited to include Freak Street also known as Jhonchhen, as a location for an exhibition during the 3rd edition of Photo Kathmandu due to take place from 12th October – 16th November 2018. By doing so, we dig into and put a spotlight on the time when overland travelers from around the world ended their world travels in the area which became the popular final destination of the ‘Hippie Trail’.

In the 60s and 70s the area became a meeting place for foreigners attracted to the freely available hashish, good music, sweet pies and great company and locals who were just beginning to engage with the world after a long history of political, cultural and economic isolation.

Although recently there has been a surge in publications on the Hippie Trail, encouraged by the fact that the former flower children feel the need to share their experiences, much of it is yet to enter the public domain. Despite ‘Freak Street’ being an integral part of Nepal’s modern history, the hippie period is yet to be formally documented.

The exhibition will enable young Nepalis to learn about this history of Freak Street and older visitors to revisit the ‘magic days’. NPL will work in close collaboration with the local community and plan activities which will be anchored in nostalgia but which will also look forward to explore an evolving Freak Street culture and identity.

Working with curators Sujan Chitrakar, Prabod Shrestha and Lucia de Vries, NPL is presently building a collection of images from Freak Street and the surroundings from the 60s and 70s.

We are especially interested in the following images:

  • Freak Street in the 60s and 70s
  • ‘Hippies’ from the 60s and 70sNepali
  • families who live/d in the area
  • Ying Yang restaurant, Snowman Café and other popular establishments of the time
  • Overland journeys with Magic Bus, VW vans or any other vehicles

By sharing your photographs you will greatly contribute to the documentation of Freak Street and the people whose lives were shaped by it.

Please contact us at should you have images, and/or ideas to discuss.

We look forward to hearing from you!