Brothers on a Bike

$ 100

This photograph is from the family albums of Juju Bhai Dhakhwa, an amateur photographer from Patan. Dhakhwa photographed family, friends, and neighbours, who invited him to events knowing that he would bring his camera along. Unlike most of the images of Newar communities created by historians and anthropologists, Dhakhwa’s photographs show us a sliver of the Newar community as seen through the eyes of a young man who represents the first generation of urban Nepali youth. This was a generation that enjoyed newly imported Russian motorbikes and Bollywood inspired three-piece suits.

Here, with a casually dangled cigarette to share, two brothers brace for speed.

Your 12″ x 18″ copy will be printed (inkjet) on Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper (310gsm).

(c) Juju Bhai Dhakhwa Collection/Nepal Picture Library

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